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Crafting chinks & chaps, including shotgun chaps, batwing chaps, and more.. for more than 50 years. We have a large selection of chinks & chaps in stock and also offer custom chaps.

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Thank you B Bar B Wholesale for a perfect fitting pair of chaps of the highest quality manufacturing and finest leather I've ever seen!!  My first pair of chaps were cowboy style which I bought back in the mid 60's.  They wore out around 2007, (dry rot from being over in Asia for four years), and my next pair were crap at a price of $100 and fell apart two months ago.  Not only do your chaps feel good and keep me warm, they'll last me the rest of my life.......and then go to my son!!  A Happy Customer, David M. Sims (Satellite Beach, FL) (02-02-08)

David Sims
Posted: 02/27/2009
Cutting chaps
Stock Basic Cutting Chap, 0156 thru 0159 series, Made in USA [05-05-0156 thru 0159]  $409.50 

This is our dresed up cutting chap with basket yokes and silver conchos.

  • 4.0 ounce sand suede
  • basket top yokes
  • basket side yokes
  • silver moon conchos
  • 3 buckle and strap leg closure, snap and dee optional
  • adjustable leg straps
  • adjustable latigo leather front belt
  • adjustable laced on backbelt
  • 8" fringe
  • 4" dropped heal
  • made in USA

Want to order the easy way?   Ordering online can be intimidating and a daunting task for some.  I you want, just call us at 208-785-8963 and we will take your order.  We will explain and walk  through every step with you  and make sure everything goes smooth and easy.  Otherwise, continue on reading if you wish to order online.

Snap & dee leg closure available:  If you need the snap and dee leg closure, we can convert the chaps for an additional charge.  If you do this, make sure to go over your measurements with us so that you are sure to get the correct size.  Once they are converted to snap and dee they will no longer be a stock chap and will not be returnable if they don't fit.  Give us a call if you want the chaps converted to snap and dee.  208-785-8963.

Calf Closure option:  You may also add the "calf closure" option to keep the lower leg in a closed position. If you decide to add the calf closure option, you need to be certain that your measurements are correct because the calf closure is a custom item.  These cannot be sold as a normal cutting chap once the calf closure is added.  Therefore, once the calf closure is added, the item has been customized and is not returnable.  Please phone us to go over your measurements prior to ordering a calf closure so that we can be certain you are ordering the correct size.  We will also want to know the specific location at which you want the calf closure to be added.  We can also determine this after we discuss on the phone.  a photo of the calf closure is shown on a batwing chap in the photos at the bottom of the page.  It will apply the same to a cutting chap.

Need Help With Your Order?

For other helpful info about chaps, measuring for custom chaps, info about leather, and etc, please look at the links under the gold colored (question mark) ? at the top of the page.

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