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Crafting chinks & chaps, including shotgun chaps, batwing chaps, and more.. for more than 50 years. We have a large selection of chinks & chaps in stock and also offer custom chaps.

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Thank you B Bar B Wholesale for a perfect fitting pair of chaps of the highest quality manufacturing and finest leather I've ever seen!!  My first pair of chaps were cowboy style which I bought back in the mid 60's.  They wore out around 2007, (dry rot from being over in Asia for four years), and my next pair were crap at a price of $100 and fell apart two months ago.  Not only do your chaps feel good and keep me warm, they'll last me the rest of my life.......and then go to my son!!  A Happy Customer, David M. Sims (Satellite Beach, FL) (02-02-08)

David Sims
Posted: 02/27/2009
Show Chaps, basic style
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Show chaps, basic style
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 Stock Basic show chap, black suede, Made in USA   Stock Basic show chap, black suede, Made in USA 
 - Xsmall, (Item#05-05-0124) (- $20.00)
 - Small, (Item#05-05-0123) (- $0.00)
 - Medium, (Item#05-05-0122) (+ $0.00)
 - Large, (Item#05-05-0121) (+ $10.00)
 - Xlarge, (Item#05-05-0120) (+ $10.00)

 $269.50   Buy Now  
 Stock Basic show chap, sand suede, Made in USA   Stock Basic show chap, sand suede, Made in USA 
 - Xsmall, (Item#05-05-00125) (- $11.00)
 - Small, (Item#05-05-00126) (+ $0.00)
 - Medium, (Item#05-05-0127) (+ $0.00)
 - Large, (Item#05-05-0128) (+ $0.00)
 - XLarge, (Item#05-05-0129) (+ $0.00)

 $309.50   Buy Now  
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products) Result Pages:  1 

Our show chaps are made at our facility here in the USA.  They and are built with quality USA tanned leather and made with  heavy duty USA made zippers. They are in-stock and ready to ship in sizes Xsmall through Xlarge.

 Why show chaps?  The "show chap" or "equestrian chap" is a full length chap with a zipper closure.  It is similar to a western shotgun chap with the except that it is made with a "dropped heel" like the cutting chap.  The dropped heal conceals the riders spurs and heel so the riders “cues” can’t easily be seen.  Show chaps also normally have a longer fringe.  Our standard fringe length for a show chap is 8".  This chap is not normally worn for pleasure riding because the dropped heal will drag on the ground when walking, however, the dropped heal can be trimmed off for pleasure riding.

Available leather:  They are made in both black suede and sand suede leathers in the 4-4.5 ounce weight range. The suede leather can be easily cleaned with a brush.

Size adjustment:  The backbelt is doubled and stitched and  is attached with conchos.  It is adjustable larger by 2" and can be adjusted smaller if more holes are punched. The front belts are 3/4" doubled and stitched suede leather and are also adjustable. Since both the front and back belts are adjustable, it gives the wearer maximum flexibility for rotating the show chap leg to the best fitting position while adjusting to the proper hip size.

The thigh and calf are not adjustable so make certain that you select the correct upper thigh size that allowes some extra space for comfort.

Order information:  Please view all available photos when looking at the details of the individual chaps.  All the information is available that you will need to select your chap and the correct size.  Several photos available when you "click on" or select an individual chap.  There are photos of the show chaps, a photo of measuring instructions, and a photo with the chap dimensions.

We have made every effort to make your selection process as easy as possible, but if you still have questions, or if you want us to help you through the sizing process them give us a call at 208-785-8963.

Stock sizes  -
 X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-large


     How to measure for show chaps

     Size details of show chaps

Specifications - basic show with no added options:
Leather - 4 to 4.5 ounce suede
Top yoke - 4 to 4.5 ounce suede
Side yoke - no side yoke
Front belt - doubled & stitched suede with 40-T buckle.
Back belt - adjustable 1.5" doubled & stitched, attached with two conchos.
Zipper - 3/4" heavy duty zipper, made in USA.
Fringe - 8"
Thread - black nylon #135

For additional cost, change
conchos.  Custom sizes can be made if a standard size won't work for you.