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Crafting chinks & chaps, including shotgun chaps, batwing chaps, and more.. for more than 50 years. We have a large selection of chinks & chaps in stock and also offer custom chaps.

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  Hello Kelly, My name is Matthew Fenn. I recently purchased a pair of rodeo chaps from you. (The guy with the little legs that needed a good custom fit). I received the chaps a week ago today. A little early from the time I was supposed to get them. Thank you for getting them here on-time, early. The chaps fit perfect. The quality is outstanding. The craftsmanship really shows. Everything was beyond my expectations. Keep up the great work. I will make certain that anyone I know, who is in the market for a great pair of chaps, must contact you folks. Thanks Again, Matt Fenn Phoenix, AZ 85046 (10-18-06)  
Matt Fenn
Posted: 12/03/2008
Motorcycle Chaps, in stock, made in USA
Learn More About Motorcycle Chaps, in stock
Motorcycle Chaps, in stock
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 Stock Motorcycle chaps, Made in USA   Stock Motorcycle chaps, Made in USA 
 - Medium, 05-05-0191 (+ $0.00)
 - Small, 05-05-00190 (+ $0.00)
 - Large, 05-05-00192 (+ $15.00)
 - X-large, 05-05-00193 (+ $15.00)

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 $289.50   Buy Now  
 Stock Motorcycle chaps, western style, Made in USA   Stock Motorcycle chaps, western style, Made in USA 
 - Small, 05-05-0102Z (+ $0.00)
 - Medium, 05-05-0101Z (+ $0.00)
 - Large, 05-05-0100Z (+ $12.00)
 - Xlarge, 05-05-0099Z (+ $12.00)

 $229.50   Buy Now  
 Light weight, Motorcycle bag, Black   Light weight, Motorcycle bag, Black 

 $119.50   Buy Now  
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products) Result Pages:  1 

Our motorcycle chaps are made at our own facitliy here in the USA.  We hand cut all parts and pieces and assemble them completely in our facility. We don't just add some small part that allows someone to say made in the USA.  Our chaps truly are made in the USA!  Our chaps are are a great value and you will find that our motorcycle chaps are well made, durable, and built with leather that is heavy enough to provide some real protection if you ever slide on pavement. They are in-stock and ready to ship in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Xlarge.

One piece main leg: Our motorcycle chaps aren’t made with a multitude of small leg parts stitched together to make a complete leg.  The main leg of our chap is one piece without seams. They are made to protect you and last for years.

Why motorcycle chaps?  The motorcycle chap is a full length chap with a  with a zipper closure.  It has snaps at the base of the leg.  It is basically a biker style version of a western shotgun chap with snaps at the base of the leg.  The snaps keep the zipper from un-zipping during riding.

Available leather:  Our motorcycle chaps are made with a durable 5 ounce black leather.  The leather is drum dyed with a naked unpainted finish. The leather is dyed all the way through, making scratches and cuts less obvious than with paint finish leathers.

Size adjustment:  Our motorcycle chaps are made with a doubled and stitched backbelt.  The belt is laced on in v-braid style and can be adjusted larger by 2" , and can be adjusted smaller if more holes are punched.  The front belts are 1.5" black 6-7 ounce latigo leather and are also adjustable. The thigh and calf are not adjustable so follow our measuring instructions to select the proper upper thigh size that leaves some extra room for comfort.

Length adjustment:  Our motorcycle chaps can be trimmed off in length for shorter inseams.  Refer to the detailed photos of the individual chaps, they will show how much length may be trimmed off.

Order information:  Please look at all the available photos when looking at the details of the individual motorcycle chaps.  We have all the information available that you will need to select the correct size.  Each motorcycle chap has several photos for viewing when you "click on" or select an individual chap.  Motorcycle chap photos, along with a photo of measuring instructions, a photo with the chap dimensions, and a photo of how to re-lace the backbelt to adjust size, may be viewed.  Be sure to view all the photos to see all the available order information.

We have made every effort to make your selection process as easy as possible, but if you still have questions or if you just want us to walk you through the process to make the order easy the call us at 208-785-8963.  We will take you through all the steps and make sure you select the correct size.

Stock sizes  - 
Small, Medium, Large, and X-large.

Click Here -  to see how to measure for a custom made pair of motorcycle chaps

Click Here - to see size details for in-stock motorcycle chaps

- basic motorcycle chap with no added options:

Leather - 5 ounce top grain, black color
Top yoke - 5 ounce top grain, black color
Side yoke - no side yoke
Front belt - 1.5" black latigo leather, 6-7 ounce weight.
Back belt - adjustable 1.5" doubled & stitched chap leather,
                   laced on with V-braid.
Zipper - 3/4" heavy duty brass zipper, made in USA.
Fringe - no fringe, the chaps have a 1" leather flap covering the zipper.
Thread - black nylon #135

Also, check out our one of a kind patented comfort grip deerskin motorcycle gloves!