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Crafting chinks & chaps, including shotgun chaps, batwing chaps, and more.. for more than 50 years. We have a large selection of chinks & chaps in stock and also offer custom chaps.

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Dear Kelly - the chaps arrived today.
Even better than I expected, the fit is perfect and craftmanship and quality are superb, I love the details.
So glad that I have ordered them with B Bar B, material and details are far superior to the chaps worn here.
When asked ( and they will ) I will be more than happy to recommend you !
Many thanks again !
NB - according to my wife they look awesome with my Ariat Roughneck boots
Maurice Selhorst
Posted: 08/26/2009
Chinks, Deluxe Style
Learn More About Chinks, deluxe style
Chinks, deluxe style
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 Stock Deluxe Chink, 0061 & 0062, Made in USA   Stock Deluxe Chink, 0061 & 0062, Made in USA 
 - Large, 05-05-0062 (+ $0.00)
 - Medium, 05-05-0061 (+ $0.00)

 $259.50   Buy Now  
 Stock Deluxe Chink, 0070 & 0071, Made in USA   Stock Deluxe Chink, 0070 & 0071, Made in USA 
 - Medium, 05-05-0071 (+ $0.00)
 - Large, 05-05-0070 (+ $0.00)
 - Small, 05-05-0084 ( $0.00)
 - Xlarge, 05-05-0083 ( $12.00)

 $349.50   Buy Now  
 Stock Deluxe Chink, 0073 & 0074, Made in USA   Stock Deluxe Chink, 0073 & 0074, Made in USA 
 - Medium, 05-05-0074 (+ $0.00)
 - Large, 05-05-0073 (+ $0.00)
 - Small, 05-05-0072 (+ $0.00)
 - Xlarge, 05-05-0075 (+ $12.00)

 $429.50   Buy Now  
 Stock Deluxe Chink, 0090 - 0093, Made in USA   Stock Deluxe Chink, 0090 - 0093, Made in USA 
 - Small (+ $0.00)
 - Medium (+ $0.00)
 - Large (+ $0.00)
 - Xlarge (+ $12.00)

 $289.50   Buy Now  
 Stock Deluxe Chinks, 0080 & 0081, Made in USA   Stock Deluxe Chinks, 0080 & 0081, Made in USA 
 - Medium, 05-05-0080 (+ $0.00)
 - Large, 05-05-0081 (+ $0.00)
 - Small, 05-05-0079 (+ $0.00)
 - Xlarge, 05-05-0082 (+ $20.00)

 $434.50   Buy Now  
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Result Pages:  1 

Our in-stock deluxe style chinks are a dressed up version of our basic style chinks.    They feature an adjustable latigo leather front belt and an adjustable rolled and stitched back-belt that is laced on with a v-braid.  The upper thigh is reinforced with a 3/4" leather strip and the leg fastens with three latigo leather leg straps and buckles.  They are currently stocked in size medium and large only but other sizes can be custom made.  Our deluxe chinks are the perfect choice for a working cowboy or just for casual riding.   At B Bar B, we have been making chinks and chaps since 1961.  That’s over 50 years!  All our chaps are made here in the USA at our facility in Blackfoot, Idaho.

Our chinks are made with the best quality workmanship.  We maintain our quality level by making them ourselves.  Our chinks are made with our own unique patterns.  They have a unique and clean good look and they fit great.  Our leather is bought in bulk from US tanneries which allows us to maintain a quality and price combination that is extremely competitive.  When you buy your chaps from us, you are getting them direct from the maker with no middle man.  At B Bar B, you will receive the best quality and pricing.  You can feel comfortable that when you buy your chinks here, you have made a smart choice.

In stock sizes:  Our deluxe chinks are in-stock and ready to ship in sizes small through X-large.  Other sizes can be made custom upon request.

Why chinks?  They are a 3/4 length chap, unlike the batwings and shotguns, which are both full length chaps.  They attach to the upper leg with a variety of different closure types like buckle and strap, snap and dee, and so forth.  With chinks, your legs are more exposed to the air which allows the best circulation of air.   They aren’t as hot as full length chaps in warm weather but still provide an extra level of warmth in colder weather conditions.   The chink is the most versatile chap that can worn in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  They are also the least restrictive to movement of all the chaps but it still provides good upper leg protection.  The chink is the most versatile of all chaps and is a must for anyone that loves to ride.

Chink length:  They are 32" in total length including 6" fringe.

Size adjustment:  The back-belt, front belt, and thigh areas are adjustable. 

Leg closures:  We stock the buckle and strap leg closures.  If you want snap and dee closures, we can convert them for an additional charge.  Call for information.

Available leather:  The in-stock chinks are available only in the colors shown in the photos.  Other colors will require a custom order.

Order information:  When you are looking at the details for any stock deluxe chink, please review all the available photos.  You will see that there is much helpful information available in the photos.  There is a photo showing the exact dimensions, and a photo showing you how to measure so that you may select the proper size.  If you just don't want to deal with all that information, just call us at 208-785-8963 and we will walk you through the selection process and make your ordering very easy.

Stock sizes  - small, medium, large, and X-large

Specifications - deluxe chink with no added options:

Leather - 4.5 to 6 ounce top grain, deluxe leather
Front belt - 5/8" latigo leather, 6-7 ounce with chrome cart buckle.
Back belt - adjustable 2" rolled & stitched chap leather,
                 laced on with V-braid.
Leg straps - 3.4" x 8.5", 6 to 7 ounce latigo leather (3 per leg)
Leg buckle straps - 6 to 7 ounce latigo leather with 3/4"
roller buckles
Fringe - 6"
Thread - black nylon #135

For additional cost, you may add
pockets and brands or change conchos.  Custom sizes can be made if a standard size won't work for you.