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Crafting chinks & chaps, including shotgun chaps, batwing chaps, and more.. for more than 50 years. We have a large selection of chinks & chaps in stock and also offer custom chaps.

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Hello Kelly.
Just a quick e-mail to say that the gloves have arrived.
First impressions: beautiful!
I'll give them a test ride this weekend but I'm confident they'll prove as comfortable as they look beautiful.
Once again, many thanks.
Best wishes,

Mike O'Connell

Mike O'Connell
Posted: 09/23/2010
Chinks, basic style
Basic Value chinks, 29" length, 049V to 0052V [0049V to 0052V]  $169.50 

This is our "basic" value chink it is a fully functional working chap.  It is made to a shorter length for our customers that want a shorter length than our regular chink.

  • 4.5-5.5 ounce earthtone leathers, normally ranging from lighter to darker brown
  • multiple leather choices normally in stock
  • 2 buckle and strap leg closure, snap and dee optional
  • adjustable latigo leather front belt
  • adjustable leg straps
  • adjustable laced on backbelt
  • made in USA
  • 29" length (S, M, L), 30" length XL
  • 6" fringe

Want to order the easy way?   Ordering online can be intimidating and a daunting task for some.  I you want, just call us at 208-785-8963 and we will take your order.  We will explain and walk  through every step with you  and make sure everything goes smooth and easy.  Otherwise, continue on reading if you wish to order online.

Finding your size:   we  have added a photo showing chink dimensions and  a measuring chart to help you select the correct size.  Please view the photos at the bottom of the page for this information.  Please call us with any questions regarding the chinks , measuring, or selecting the proper size. 208-785-8963.

Leather options:  These chinks are made with what we call our "basic" leather which is available in "earthtone" colors.  The in stock  colors normally range from lighter to dark brown.  We have added a photo below of  some fairly typical earthtone colors.  If you see a color you like, you can add the swatch number in the comment box when checking out.  The leathers may come in oil tans, non oil tans, firmer temper, softer temper, heavier weight, lighter weight, and etc..  You will select these preferences below.   If leather is an important issue to you, we can email a free digital photo of the chinks that are in-stock that will most closely match your description of color and preferences.  We can normally do this within a few minutes so you don't need to wait long.  If we don't have the preferences that you want, you may need to special order your chaps with additional charges. 

Snap & dee leg closure available:  You now have the option of snap and dee leg closures in place of the standard leg strap and buckle closures.  You may select this option below.

Option to Add a third leg strap:  You also have the option to add an additional set of leg straps and buckles or an additional set of snap and dee closures to a stock chink.  This will provide a chap with three leg closures rather than the standard two leg closures.  This is not recommended for shorter inseam lengths.  If you choose to add the third leg strap the chap may not be returned.  It will then be customized and will  no longer be a stock item.  Call us with your measurments before adding the third leg strap so we can be sure you are getting the correct size prior to modification.



Need Help With Your Order?

For other helpful info about chaps, measuring for custom chaps, info about leather, and etc, please look at the links under the gold colored (question mark) ? at the top of the page.

Available Options:
*Chap leg color: More Info
*Chap Yoke color: More Info
*Leather temper: More Info
*Leg Closure type: More Info
+If above options are not available:
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