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Crafting chinks & chaps, including shotgun chaps, batwing chaps, and more.. for more than 50 years. We have a large selection of chinks & chaps in stock and also offer custom chaps.

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  Hello Kelly, My name is Matthew Fenn. I recently purchased a pair of rodeo chaps from you. (The guy with the little legs that needed a good custom fit). I received the chaps a week ago today. A little early from the time I was supposed to get them. Thank you for getting them here on-time, early. The chaps fit perfect. The quality is outstanding. The craftsmanship really shows. Everything was beyond my expectations. Keep up the great work. I will make certain that anyone I know, who is in the market for a great pair of chaps, must contact you folks. Thanks Again, Matt Fenn Phoenix, AZ 85046 (10-18-06)  
Matt Fenn
Posted: 12/03/2008
Bareback Riggings
Barstow Pro Flex High Lift Rigging [400-PFHL]  $635.00 

Our most popular - This Neil Barstow custom bareback rigging has been scientifically designed, arena tested and pay window proven to be a rodeo revolution.
Our ultimate goal in developing this rigging was to get a rigging that would hold a peak in the body longer yet flex out below the peak at the bars to fit different types of horses better, allowing both the rider and horse to be able to perform at their very best.
The Pro Flex High Lift sets higher in front making it easier to lift on your handle, reducing stress on your arm and elbow. Long body and cut-out back included at no extra charge.

See the glove measurement chart image below to determine your Schild glove size.  If you are using a glove with no cheater, a rigging the same size as the glove is the correct size.  If you are using a glove with a cheater, use a 1/2 size larger rigging.

PLEASE NOTE: All rawhide handholds take 12 - 16 weeks to complete. Each layer is individually hand-shaped and laminated and must be allowed to dry a certain amount of time to assure that your handhold is cured properly. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND - We try to keep between 60 and 100 handles in various stages of production at all times in different hand sizes to cut down on waiting period, but there are certain times of the year that orders are at such a high rate that we cannot fill your order immediately.

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For other helpful info about chaps, measuring for custom chaps, info about leather, and etc, please look at the links under the gold colored (question mark) ? at the top of the page.

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